Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fred Meyer 1-11-13 ($16.92)

So I am still fighting this stupid cold that I have now had for almost 2 weeks ... grrr ... and worse than that is hubby has now gotten sick (started yesterday) ... on the good side we haven't been doing much shopping because neither of us want to go to the store.  I did want to pick up a few things at Fred Meyer's while they were on sale this week, so we stopped yesterday afternoon - here's what I got:

Oranges ... yep we are sick ... @.50/lb
1 - Whole Chicken @ .89/lb
2 - Bunches of Lettuce @.98/each
3 - 1/2 Gallons of Whole Milk @.99/each w/in-ad coupon (I'm hoping to make cheese if I get feeling better this week - Mozzarella)
1 - 1/2 Gallon of Orange Juice @ .99/each w/in-ad coupon
1 - White Onion @.89/lb
4 - SoftSoap Pumps on sale for .88/each

Total:  $16.92

Total Spend in January (so far):  $164.32 (out of my $300/month budget)

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