Friday, April 1, 2011

Second Quarter Goals

As I have been sick most of the week (and THANKFUL for my stockpile of tissues, cough medication, cough drops, children's medications, and food - for Todd, since he is really the only one eating!!!), I have found myself thinking about setting some additional goals for my Second Quarter of Savings ... at first I just made a list for myself ... but I know that if I post in online I will feel more obligated to reach for them.

So, since its 10:35pm on Friday night and I'm unable to sleep, here they are:

* Do NOT spend over $1300, would prefer to spend under $1200 or less ($92.30/wk) on groceries, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products.
* Spend at least $15 of my weekly budget on fruits and vegetables.
* Spend at least $15 of my weekly budget on meat (chicken, beef, pork, etc) - I know we have deer and elk meat in the freezer but I really think that I need to dedicate a dollar amount to strive for.
* Spend less than $60/month at Walgreen's (you can easily get "sucked in" to the good deals ... I need to be able to step away!)
* Keep adding to our stockpile (which is nice to be able to share)
* In addition to my regular budget I want to add $5 - $10 dollars to a Walmart gift card every time we shop there - to be used at Christmas time (I saw this on-line and thought it was a great idea, if I shop there weekly I should have around $330 (at $10 a week) by Black Friday!) ... if you steal this idea it was actually on a post I saw over at .

On top of my financial goals for the second quarter, I also made some additional goals for myself ... if your interested:

* Bake bread at least weekly
* Bake or make a dessert at least weekly
* Try at least one new recipe each month
* Plan on hitting garage sales at least once a month (haven't set a budget for this yet - it will probably be $20-50 or so a month ... maybe more ... I'll have to put some thought into that)

I also came up with some household goals:

* Get Heat pump looked at/fixed (depending on money) --- and just so no one is wondering we are not freezing we also have wood heat that we have been using for the last month or so.
* Get flowers planted (calla lilies, day lilies, and sunpatients)
* Get chicken coop set up (only another 5-7 weeks and our babies will be ready to go outside)
* Get Kia's kennel relocated, get mats for the bottom of her kennel - she currently has a hug mud pit going, and a new dog house ***actually Todd did move her kennel this week and she got the mats, but she still needs the dog house.
* Have Todd fix the wooden front porch (some of the boards are rotting)
* Have Todd paint the metal railings that he installed.

So, now you all know what my goals are for the next 13 weeks!  I hope that we get some spring weather soon and that we can start enjoying our country living and get some of our goals accomplished.


  1. I am amazed you can stay under $100/week. I feel like we would starve. I did get a little coupon sorter that can fit in my purse. Hopefully, this will help remind me to use my coupons & help me find the appropriate coupon easily. And, if I could remember to bring in my re-usable shopping bags I'd be saving money & the environment. I loooove the Walmart gift card idea. I may start doing that, but maybe at Target. I would like to start baking bread too. Do you have a favorite recipe? I made french bread awhile ago, but it wasn't fantastic. I have made homemade pretzels, though & Nicholas loved them. He's been asking me to make more.

    Good luck!

  2. Jen - I have a sourdough recipe that Todd loves, but I have to keep a starter ... I'm thinking about trying a new recipe every week and posting the good ones online (hopefully)! As for staying under the $100 a week it worked out pretty good in the last 13 weeks, as long as if I go over one week I try to stay under the following week.

    I think by the time I finish my Safeway shopping for this week (Week 1) we will be overbudget a little ... but then I will just have to adjust a little over the rest of this month.

    P.S. I don't know how often you buy toothbrushes (or if you just get them at check-ups) but Fred Meyer has a great deal this week on Oral B Cavity Defense Toothbrushes (on sale for 1.25 each) matched w/$2 off 2 coupon from this Sunday's paper (4-3) makes them .25 each! If I get a chance I need to grab a couple.