Thursday, February 24, 2011

First 8 Weeks in Review

                               Spent                   Savings                          %Saved

Week 5                   $125.89               $177.08                         58.4%       
Week 6                   $110.92               $124.10+Safeway          52.8%+
Week 7                   $75.69                 $85.79                           53.1%
Week 8                   $61.76                 $71.43                           53.6%

Total (Weeks 5-8)   $374.26                $458.40                        55.1%

Total (so far)             $812.62               $826.51                        50.4%

My thoughts:  It seems to me that I did much better the last four weeks (I'm sure some of that has to do with the stockpiling I did in the first 4 weeks).  I have learned that Walgreen's is a great store if you know what you are looking for and what coupons, RR, and points match up with.  I am glad that I decided to document my spending as it is making me much more aware as to what I am spending.  I think that I am going to change my goal a little from $100 a week to $400 in a 4-week spread as I need to be able to stock up on things I need when they come on sale rather than trying to stick to the $100 a week limit.

Lets hope that the next few weeks bring some fantastic deals!!! :)

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