Friday, January 7, 2011

Dinner and Walmart

So last night we decided to drive into town for dinner.  I had not left the house yet this week and was getting a little stir crazy!  While in town I convinced Todd that we had to stop at Walmart to see if they had any good CLEARANCE items that we needed ... here is what I found:

Christmas items 75% off:
     Staked Sign 1.25 (was 5.00)
     2 large tins ... to put cookies in next year .75 each (was 3.00 each)
     Christmas Crayons 6 - 4packs ... perfect for my purse so Easton always has crayons .50 (was 2.00)

     Playdoh Poppin Movie Snacks 5.00 (was 10.00)

Anyways .... I didn't find a lot ... but I did pick up a couple things.  I am really anxious for Target to markdown there left over toys to 75% off ... hoping I can score a couple to have on hand for upcoming birthdays!

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