Monday, January 17, 2011

1-14-11 Extra Fred Meyer Trip

Dinner with Friends:

So, I ended up needing to go to Fred Meyers a pick up a few extra items this week for dinner with friends on Saturday night ... I wasn't going to blog about it ... but then I decided it was part of my overall spending.  So this is what we bought:

2 - Whole Chickens (4.17 and 4.20) ... we had plenty left over to make chicken soup and also I am planning on boiling down the remains today and can the broth).

Fresh Seasoning for Chicken 3.99

Celery 1.13

White Onion .53

Bananas .54

Bag of Red Potatoes 2.79 (plenty left over for at least 2-3 more meals)

Bag of Salad 1.88

Croutons 1.99

Italian Bread 1.99

Milk .79

Cool Whip 1.99

Fred Meyer Total:  Dinner with Friends ... Priceless!!!

Extra 40% off Clearance Items:

Fred Meyers was also having a sale, so I managed to pick up a few more things on clearance:

Lego Duplo (71 pc) in green case $14.38 (regular 29.99)

Toy Story 3 Barbie loves Alien $8.62 (regular 17.99)

Hot Wheels Slam Bridge $4.78 (regular 9.99)

Nerf Wall-2-Wall Basketball $5.08 (regular 10.99) *Hasbro*

*Hasbro* also has a "Supercharge Your Gift Card" Mail in offer ... Spend $20 or More on Select Hasbro Toys and Games and Get a Free Hasbro Product Through the Mail (Items purchased between 12-25-10 and 1-31-11, must be postmarked by 2-15-11.)


  1. Hey Melissa, You are forgetting to go to Hanks:) On weekends we usually have great 3 day sales:)

  2. Judy - I really don't know much about Hanks ... do they have ads that come out? We only get the Friday-Saturday-Sunday paper ... so those are the only ads I get - and plan my shopping off those and internet finds! Any information you can pass on would be helpful ... always looking for a good deal!