Monday, January 17, 2011

1-13-11 Target Clearance Trip

So I learning something very valuable (literally) this week:  Be sure to mark your calendars for the Target 75% toy clearance and be there when the store opens the day it happens for the best selection.  I think Target clearance sale started on the 12th and I didn't make it into town until the 13th ... next year I have already marked my calendar to watch blogs the week of January 9 - 13th (so I can get there first thing in the morning). 

With that said I still managed to pick up a few things:

SCX Compact 1:43 Slot Racing Set - Easton's Christmas Present for 2011 unless Todd talks me out of it before then! 12.46 (regular 49.99)

Paperoni Deluxe Studio - not sure who this is for but for 2.78 (regular 11.19)

Paperoni Variety Pack - will go with the Deluxe Studio 3.24 (regular 12.99)

Rhino Rampage Game - either saving it for Easton or will be used as a gift 5.97 (regular 23.89)

Lego World Racers Gator Swamp - maybe a gift for my nephew or one of the older kids we buy for 19.98 (regular 39.99)

Toy Story 3 Green Army Men w/parachutes - for Todd's Easter Basket ... he loves Army Men so this will be a nice surprise! .98 (regular 3.99)

I also picked up 3 pairs of shoes (in bigger sizes) for Easton that were all between 50 - 75% off (4.24 - 9.98) - they might not be name brand but for how fast he is outgrowing everything they will work perfectly for up here!

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